These females exemplify everything we strive for at Katie Colin. Collectively they are sound, eye appealing females with excellent udders and dispositions. We also look for balanced EPDs and proven bloodlines. You'll see many progeny of these females in our sales. Contact Greg for additional flush opportunities.

Please view the sales page for a list of embryos currently available.


804 1117 donor
Ogeechee CA Entense 804
S A V Iron Mountain 8066 x Shadybrook Ever Entense 491G
Reg. #: 17288746
Coleman Donna 1117
S A V Final Answer 0035 x Coleman Donna 998
Reg. #: 17185230
Y552 0265 donor
KC Mignonne Y552
Soo Line Motive 9016 x BC Mignonne's Loria 492 PR
Reg. #: 17321207
Coleman Donna 0265
O C C Juneaou 807 x Coleman Donna 6143
Reg. #: 16880271
Owned with Randy Sutherland
026 60W donor
Werner Burgess 026
S A V Pioneer 7301 x Partisover Burgess 746
Reg. #: 16549619
KC Forever Lady 60W
S A V Pioneer 7301 x Sunset Valley Frvr Lady 6313
Reg. #: 16444346
694 R 3095  donor
O C C Juanada 694R
D H D Traveler 6807 x O C C Juanada 775C
Reg. #: 15152567
C & H Ever Entense 3095
BR Midland x Shadybrook Ever Entense 491G
Reg. #: 14668043
ZWT Jackson
ZWT JAckson 3905
S A V Pursuit 0160 x Coleman Donna 386
Reg. #: 17874811